Youth Enhancement System

Jeunesse is not a random collection of products. We offer a select family of personal care and nutritional items featuring breakthrough sciences you won’t find elsewhere. Our Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.) was carefully developed to combine powerful benefits into a mutually complementary and cohesive system.

A system of breakthrough skin care and nutritional supplements, Y.E.S. enhances youth by working at the cellular level. When used together, Y.E.S. products target the very health of your cells to keep them young and vital. Y.E.S. does this in three ways:

Promote growth

Stem cell innovation promotes new cell growth. These remarkable results are experienced with LUMINESCE™, dermatologist-quality personal care products developed by a world-renowned cosmetic surgeon.

Delay aging

DNA repair delays the aging of cells. AM & PM Essentials™ contain potent vitamins and minerals that precisely target gene telomeres. Telomeres are the portion of your DNA that wears away during aging—and disappear faster as aging cells replicate. AM & PM Essentials™ repairs telomeres, thus delaying the aging process. Learn more about AM & PM Essentials™

Extend cell life

Antioxidants protect cells and add longevity to cell life. RESERVE™ nutritional gel includes a unique antioxidant, Resveratrol, that is known to activate a gene that literally extends cell lifespan. Infused with antioxidants of other super-fruits, RESERVE™ protects cell membranes from environmental damage and fortifies cell health for the future. Learn more about RESERVE™